Skalní města Hrady Zámky Zajímavosti
Klokočské a Betlémské skály Rotštejn Hrubý Rohozec Kozákov
Besedice Valdštejn Hrubá Skála Trosky
Hrubá Skála Zbiroh Sychrov Rovensko
Malá skála (Suché skály) Kost Humprecht Dlaskův statek
Prachovské skály Valečov Mnichovo Hradiště Svijanský pivovar
  Vranov – Pantheon, Frýdštejn Jičín Bozkovské dolomitové a krápníkové jeskyně

The Bohemian Paradise of which the major part has been declared a protected area has got its name for its natural beauties – forests, hollows, caves and fascinating rocks where many climbers come to check their skills. For the ordinary tourists they provide breathtaking tours. In the Bohemian Paradise, there are numerous castles, chateaus, ruins and old style houses. The network of marked tourist routes is one of the densest in the whole republic; it provides both walking and biking tourists with the large number of route combinations and their lengths. Very popular are the „Seasonal tourist buses“, which connect the most attractive places of the area. For the active holiday you can go climbing (the rock towns), paragliding (Kozákov), canoeing, rafting (river Jizera), trekking, mountain biking, in winter skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing or ice-skating. In Turnov they are going to open the squash courts.

In summer you can visit the local museums, castles, chateaus and ruins, sandstone rock towns, pick mushrooms and blueberries, go for a swim and entertainment to the giant aquapark and Luna park Babylon in Liberec (32 km), make the walk and bike tours etc.

Swimming – the outside pool in Bělá (3 km), the pond in Radostná pod Kozákovem (3 km), the swimming pool in Semily (15 km), the aquapark in Liberec (32 km)

Canoe, rafting – the river Jizera from Spálov (20 km), the boat rental Malá Skála (10 km)

Tennis – asphalt court in Chutnovka, bigger courts in Turnov

Windusfing – lakes in Příšovice (12 km)

Golf – Semily (15 km), Ještěd (32 km)

Horse riding – Nudvojovice (8 km), Borčice (20 km)

Hunting – the „Mír“ hunting society in Turnov offers the opportunity to hunt the deer and pheasants

Fishing – you can purchase the host fishing license in Turnov fishermen’s society

In winter the main activities are skiing, cross-country skiing and ice skating.

Skiing - the nearest is the small slope Struhy (3 km) in front of Turnov, bigger slopes are Kozákov (5 km) or Vysoký nad Jizerou (29 km), the nearest big skiing resorts are Ještěd by Liberce (32 km), Harrachov (38 km) and Rokytnice nad Jizerou (45 km)

Cross-country skiing – the edge of Kozákov and Hamštejn, Krkonoše, Jizerské hory

Ice skating – Chutnovka, the stadium Lomnice nad Popelkou (13 km)

The town of Turnov is considered the heart of the Bohemian Paradise. It has been founded more than 700 years ago. Thanks to the wealth of the local gemstone mines, especially in Kozákov, there have grown many stone-manufacturers since the 16th century. World well known is the production of the jewellery with the red granite-stones and also of the industrially used stones. The first school of the stone manufacturing specialists in the Central Europe was founded in Turnov in 1884. The Museum of Bohemian Paradise provides the exhibitions of mineralogy, jewellery manufacturing history, archeology and ethnography. In the museum, you also find a huge panoramatic painting by Mikoláš Aleš “Putting the Saxons to the Sword”. With the size of 8,5x10 meters it belongs to the largest paintings of the Central Europe.

Every last weekend in May there is held the Turnov Historical Market with the presentations of the traditional handicrafts. In July there is held the fair showing the gemstone manufacturing and making the jewellery „Gemstone and Jewellery in the Bohemian Paradise“ – exhibitions, excursions, international jewellery fairs and the gemstone auctions.

The information office located in the Turnov main square ( Bohemian Paradise Square ) offers the tours through the churches and other sighs of the city. In the summer they organize the tours every Monday afternoon. In the surroundings of Turnov there are the ruins of Valdštejn castle and significant chateaux of Hrubý Rohozec, Hrubá Skála and Sychrov.

Transportation: In Turnov there is a train station. The buses connect all other cities in Czech Republic . In the summer there are tourist buses driving the circles through the Bohemian Paradise with which also bicycles can be transported.


Klokočské a Betlémské skály (1 km) – „Klokočské and Betlémské Rocks“. The sandstone rocks with numerous crags, caves and canyons over 60 meters deep. The greatest is the Postojná cave with the ground area of 262 m2 . There are two tourist routes leading through the rocks from which you get a beautiful view of Kozákov and Trosky. From the top you can pass through the rocks to the Klokočí village, where is the statue of Mr. Jan Hus and nearby are the ruins of the Rotštejn castle.

Besedice (6 km) – here you can make a 4-kilometer tour through the rocks of this way: Besedice - rock labyrinth Kalich – Hořákova vyhlídka (Hořák´s wiev; one of the most beautiful views in Bohemian Paradise) – the cave where the last Czech Brothers religion members were hiding – the portrait of the Spirit of the Rocks - Besedice.

Hrubá Skála (10 km) – „Rough Rock“. The most visited part of the Bohemian Paradise. There are 400 sandstone towers reaching up to 55 meters of height. Very popular is the 65 meters long „mouse pass“ and very attractive is the view of the group of rocks growing from the surface of Věžický pond. Here you can visit the Hrubá Skála chateau and the ruins of the Valdštejn castle.

Maloskalsko: Vranovský hřeben a Suché skály (10 km) – „Vranovský Ridge“ and „Dry Rocks“. This narrow rock massive on the right bank of Jizera river was used in the Middle Ages as the basis of the defense castles Vranov and Frýdštejn. The viewpoint above Jizera gives an unforgettable panoramatic view of the meander of Jizera in places where the water penetrated the craggy barrier. On the other side of the river there is a group of rocks called Malá Skála – The Little Rock; also called „The Czech Dolomites“.

Prachovské skály (20 km) – „Prachovské Rocks“. This most famous rock town is situated near the town Jičín. It is characteristic with its slim towers and pillars with striking vertical crags. The dense network of tourist trails with frequent viewpoints and markings takes you to the most famous places like Americká sluj (American Cave), Císařská chodba (Emperor’s Corridor) and first of all Vyhlídka Českého ráje (The Bohemian Paradise Viewpoint) with the view to the rock towers Prachovská jehla (Prachovská needle) and Prachovská čapka (Prachovská Cap). On the north-western side of Prachovské Rocks there is a castle Pařez, which was cut in the rocks.


Rotštejn (1 km) – the nearest ruins of the castle situated in the woods surrounding Chutnovka. The best way to visit it is to take a short walk through the pine-wood. The first record of this castle dates back to 1292. There is deep water well and a unique black kitchen with the massive chimney cut in the rock. Most of the castle was cut in the rock, including the horse stables and a statue of Jan Nepomucký from 1718. These rocks are the Klokočské and Betlémské Rocks.

Valdštejn (6 km) – built on three different high sandstone blocks in the Hrubá Skála Rock Town . It used to be a home of Albrecht of Valdštejn; a point of interest is the portrait probably of Karel Hynek Mácha (Czech poet) in the chapel on the first court. The castle is open all year; there are seasonal exhibitions, concerts, performances of fencers or birds of pray.

Zbiroh (7 km) – a beautiful ruin of a castle from the 14th century stands on 3 rocks.

Kost (15 km) – this gothic castle near Mladějov is one of the most beautiful, biggest and best preserved castles in Czech Republic . The steadiest part of the castle is the so-called White Tower . It has a non-regular basis so from one point you can see all four edges of the tower at the same time. Very attractive is the black kitchen with full equipment. Near is a two-kilometer long Plakánek valley with plenty of side valleys and rock formations which make a deep canyon with a rich wood growth and typical flora.

Vranov–Pantheon, Frýdštejn (12 km) – there was a castle on the sheer rock edge already in the 15th century. At the beginning of the 19th century it was rebuilt into the romantic Pantheon and there was built a new chapel in the neo-gothic which was used as a hunting seat. Through the paths and steps you can climb up to the rock towering over 130 meters above the Jizera waters. Frýdštejn, the ruin of the Middle Age castle from the 14th century, had been unsuccessfully sieged by the Hussites. Dominant is the round tower with the diameter of 9 meters , which was used as a witch residency in several movie fairy tales.

Valečov (26 km) – one of the most beautiful rock castles is situated near Boseň. Through the narrow stairs cut in the rock you can step up the castle palace tower, from which is a nice view of the surroundings. All year round a number of cultural actions are held here; famous became the Valečov festival with a rich cultural program that is being held at the end of May.


Hrubý Rohozec (9 km) – a national cultural monument towering above the Jizera valley. The early gothic castle was rebuilt several times; the original interior retained only in the library, dining room and the club room. The expositions in the other rooms show the evolution of the culture of clothing and life style from the Renaissance to the Czech Secession.

Hrubá Skála (10 km) – „Rough Rock“ stands on three massive sandstone rocks in the middle of the rock town of the same name which you can admire from the viewpoint located at the top of the chateau tower. To enter the chateau you have to cross the bridge decorated by the valuable baroque statues. There is also a restaurant in the chateau area.

Sychrov (14 km) – a national cultural monument and one of the most visited chateaus in Czech Republic. There is the largest collection of the French portrait painting in Central Europe. Concerts, theatre, fencer and birds of pray performances, historical markets and banquets are held here.

Humprecht (20 km) – a baroque hunting seat near Sobotka. It was built as a copy of Gallic Tower in Istanbul on an ellipse ground-plan. The 16-meter-high ellipse Černínský sál (Černínský hall) is remarkable for its paintings and especially its acoustics – you can hear a multiple echo. Here organized concerts are unforgettable experiences.

Mnichovo Hradiště (24 km) – a national cultural monument. Originally Renaissance chateau was rebuilt into the Baroque mansion with the riding hall, stables and a wide French park. After the Bílá hora battle (1620) it became a property of Albrecht of Valdštejn and it belonged to Valdštejn family until 1946. Parts of the Baroque area are the Capuchin monastery with the Three Kings Church and St. Anna Chapel, where Albrecht of Valdštejn himself is buried. You can also see the unique Valdštejn library from Duchcov where famous G. Cassanova was the administrator in the 18th century.

Jičín chateau (24 km) – built in the years 1624-33 during Albrecht’s of Valdštejn life in the early-baroque style. The chateau is a site of the Regional Museum and Gallery. Its wide exposition contains many valuable objects and shows the history and evolution of the region. Newly was opened the Museum of Games . The town Jičín itself is a sample of the unique baroque town architecture with the composition of the countryside.


Kozákov (5 km) – with its altitude of 744 m it is a dominant of the region and simultaneously a border between the foothills of Krkonoše (Giant Mountains) and the Bohemian Paradise. 10 tourist and bicycle routes lead here. You can find here a Moon Valley with romantic sandstone formations and natural archeologically interesting caves; the storied „Joyful Well“ with the chapel; a cave Drábovna cut in the rock and Havírna – the underground tunnel where the coal was unsuccessfully mined. At the bottom of Kozákov there are remains of the gemstone mines; there is also a gemstone gallery in Votrubec museum. To the top of Kozákov you can go by car, there is a restaurant with parking place, observatory and very famous centre of paragliding. Under a good weather conditions you can see 2/3 of the land of Bohemia.

Trosky (11 km) – the ruin of a castle built on two volcano peaks in the 14th century by Čeňek of Vartenberk. Trosky are one of the symbols of the Bohemian Paradise and for its absolute world individuality the most visited place in the Bohemian Paradise. They used to be a gothic castle; until our times there remained just a part of the fortification, court and two towers – Panna and Baba (the Maid and the Beldam) from which is a wonderful view to the large surroundings with the dominant of Kozákov. Lots of actions are held here like period markets, fencing fights, bird of pray shows etc.

Rovensko pod Troskami (7 km) – a wooden bell tower by the church “Na Týně” with the bells turned “upside down”.

Dlaskův statek (8 km) – „Dlask manor“, rarely preserved form of a typical Jizera valley house. It was built in 1716 in Dolánky as a franklins` manor and reeve. In this picturesque house you can see original working tools, household equipment, furniture and that time clothing.

Jirkovské břidlicové lomy (12 km) – „Jirkov slate mines“.

Bozkovské dolomitové a krápníkové jeskyně (18 km) – „Bozkov dolomite and stalactite caves“. They are located on the northern slope of Bozkov village. The caves make a labyrinth of tunnels and hollows not very deep under the ground. They are the only public-opened caves in the northern Bohemia . Very attractive are the underground lakes with clear green–blue water among which is also the largest underground lake in Czech Republic.

Svijany (15 km) - the visit of the brewery with the guide and beer tasting.